Since 2008, many people have chosen Waterlost Surfschool to have their first surf lesson in Peniche or their first surf experience in Portugal. 

We trained and introduced Surfing to + 6500 people, from + 50 nationalities from all over the world.


We specialized ourselves in teaching the art of surfing, building up our own teaching program that works progressively your mechanical technique, your self-awareness and more important - your Ocean Knowledge.

Supported by O´NEILL WETSUITS, we want to assure you perfect conditions to allow your success in surfing.

Mind, Body and Soul

The Waterlost Teaching Method will introduce you to mind and physical techniques step by step, exactly what you need to create a safe environment.

You will get in touch with yourself outside your comfort zone and outside your limits. Our Team will help you to go over and overcome them.

No pressure, no judgement: you go at your own speed with your own pack of surf lessons.

We invest in human proximity, not quantity. 

We are Not a Surfcamp.

Highest rate of Positive feedbacks

With a high success rate of instructed surfers since 2008, Waterlost has the highest rate of positive feedbacks, that led to some award winnings by quality of service and concept.

Check the feedbacks of our work below:

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Experienced and Professional

Waterlost has an iconic store in the North beach of Peniche and it serves as a base camp for our Surfshool. You will have access to:

- Licensed Surfschool by the National and Local Governmental Authorities

- Local and experienced certified Surf instructors 

- Quality Surfboards and O´neill Wetsuits

- Level 1 and Level 2 Surf Courses

- Dressing rooms, private space and showers

All activities are insured by: 

Partners and Authorities:


The very first steps to discover a passion with safety


When you want you want to improve your technique to a point that you achieve your inside water independence

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