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Waterlost Father and Son photo side by side

The Brand Waterlost

Founded in 2008 by Nuno Nico, Waterlost is a Portuguese original clothing and apparel brand inspired by oceans, by sailors and surfers.

Based in a Real story of a local family (Nico Family), Waterlost speaks about the spiritual side of the seas, transferred into colors, styles and clothing designs. *image: father and son

Born in Peniche, an old Fisherman city, the brand represents the surf phenomena that transformed the city into a surfing mecca: from a past of fisherman, to a future of surfers.

waterlost logo anchor sons of the seas

A Portuguese local brand inspired by Fishermen for Sailors and Surfers,a Real Story that time did not erase.

We are profoundly connected with the Ocean.

Fotografia de pai e filho numa loja de surf Waterlost

Waterlost sums up collective feelings expressed by Sailors and Surfers, transforming them into textile stories.


It reflects a spiritual and local culture perspective of a small Portuguese fishermen and surfer city, inspired by a real story of my family.

Each product and each design tells a different one: the smell of low tides, the hot sand feeling, the rainy winters and the endless summers are embedded and merged into simple shirts, beanies or other apparel.

From a past of fishermen, to a future of surfers.

Thank you for the support, 

Nuno Nico  ( Waterlost founder )


"September 13, 1955. It's 7:45 am.

After a trip from the north of Portugal, under a great storm, the fishing boat "Grace of God" docked in Aveiro.

It was a champion boat, a boat that always brings a lot of fish home. After unloading and selling all captured fish, they had to make a difficult decision - the storm was picking up and the sea was getting rougher.

Either they would leave now or they would have to stay days in a port far from home. The Captain made a decision... and that decision changed the destiny of 16 men and their families forever.

In a burst of crazyness and courage, the "Gace of God" left the sheltered port and headed towards Peniche. Other trawlers also tried... but immediately turned back, as the sea became a giant.

But there was one that went through. There was one boat that tried, that made a leap of faith. And it was in that faith that 16 lives were lost.

The elders said they saw them from the land, and all Eyes captured the moment that the fishing boat "Grace of God" was swallowed by waves three to four times the size of the lighthouse. The 14 men locked in the cabins took their last breath, being buried forever at the bottom of the sea. The sea returned the two helmsmen, so that their families could visit them in their final resting place.


My grandfather Joao was one of them. He was 35 years old. My father was two years old."

- Nuno Nico, Waterlost Story teller and Founder


Francisco I, João, Francisco II and Nuno are four names that built this story, but two of them the ocean embraced their souls.

The brand is seen and told through the eyes of its founder, Nuno.

The concept honors the Ones that lost their lifes in the Ocean, elevating their memory to glory - fishermen, sailors, surfers or swimmers. 

Waterlost reflects a local culture perspective of a small Portuguese fishermen city transformed into a world surfing mecca, a inspirational Real Story of 4 generations of fishermen and ocean working men - The Nico Family. 

The brand was born in a city that was transformed by Surf, creating a language that lives in a frontier of ocean purposes.

Waterlost reflects the past and future of the Nico Family and reflects the past and future of this former old fisherman city, transformed into a surf city.

Waterlost represents the ones that are inspired by oceans, the ones that got lost in its magnetism.

Banner Superior Waterlost logo
Logo Portugal
Banner logo Waterlost
Banner inferior logo county of peniche
Logo Peniche
Foto homem pescador falecido no mar

Francisco I de Jesus  (18?? - 1922 )

Fisherman / Waterlost inspiring Great - Grandfather


Lived as a fisherman, and past away as a fisherman, with a sickness onboard, his body never came back home.

In the 1st world war, his boat was bombed by the German army. He survived and was found alive grabbing himself to a huge wooden ark that floated.


That ark still exists in the family, representing life itself. 


He left a loving wife (Felicidade), a son (João de Jesus) and two grandchildren (Francisco II and Maria).

His Hug was never felt.

He lives forever through this story.

Foto Joao de Jesus pescador falecido no mar

João de Jesus  (1920 - 1955) : 35 years

Fisherman / Waterlost inspiring Grandfather

Co-Pilot of the champion fishing boat «Graça de Deus» (Grace Of God).
His vessel flipped when returning home, caugh by a huge wave, under a storm.


He past away along with his 15 fellow mates. 

This event dramatically changed his familly path, aswell the newer generations.

He left a 3 year old son (Francisco), a 3 months daughter (Maria) and a loving wife (Almerinda).


His hug was never felt.

He lives forever through this story.

(Grace of God)

On the 13th September 1955, the fishing boat «Graça de Deus»  was docked in Aveiro harbour, in Barra Beach. The plan was to do a return trip to return home, to Peniche.

Under a severe storm, leaving the harbour was a risk they took. 

And that decision had a heavy cost. The bad weather and huge waves, gave them no chance. 

Grand father João could not control the wave periods and a tragedy happened, as the boat turned aside and got hit by a huge wave, so it was told. They were close to land.

In that day 16 men died inside of this vessel, as the ocean claimed their lives.

There is a local saying that you should never put the name of God in fishing boats.

in their loving memory

foto barco de pesca graça de deus
Foto homem com barba Francisco Nico

Francisco II de Jesus Nico (1951 - ... )

Sculpture Artist / Waterlost inspiring Father

Named after his Grandfather, grew up without his dad João and at a young age had to fix up a job to help and feed the familly. 
He never wanted to be a fisherman, but as a sculpture artist, he seeks his inspiration in the sea, carving his art using rocks that he finds at the beach.

He has two sons (Marco and Nuno), two grand-sons (João and Lara), and lives with his wife Guilhermina. 


The ocean has a huge inspirational effect on him.

He lives forever through this story.

foto homem jovem com gorro surf Nuno Nico

Nuno Nico (198? - ... )

Waterlost Founder

His family stories built his personality. 

Studied Marketing and started to built his professional life really young through the Surf market, and fast it became a passion.

He is Waterlost storyteller and founder.

Nobody ever took him to fishing and he knows why.

The ocean has a magnetic effect on him, and he says that he doesn't surf anymore: he enjoys the water, as he feels that it commutes with him and the source. 

He is a spiritual person that is inspired by oceans.

He lives forever through this story.



Logo waterlost

The sea is emotion incarnate. It loves, hates, and weeps. 

Waterlost represents the ones that got lost in its magnetism.

It was born in Peniche, from a genetic movement defined

by sailors, fishermen and surfers.

Humbly designed in Peniche.

Made in Portugal
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