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level 1 surf course

With the Level 1 Surf Lessons we help you to take your first steps on a surfboard, always supervised by Waterlost surf instructors.

We offer you 2 / 4 hours of practice every day and we will train you  to gain important mechanical movements related to surfing.

We focus ourselves in sharing information about Ocean knowledge, building up your personal data base about waves, currents, rip tides, winds and typology of surfboards.


You will learn the basics of board control, line ups and you will have the first contact with the Spiritual side of Surfing.

The meeting point will be at Waterlost base camp, and the surf lessons in Peniche.


  1. Swimming skills​ and a Smile


  1. Board control
  2. Take-Off in the whitewater
  3. First pop ups on a surfboard
  4. Ocean knowledge and beach rules of safety
  5. Currents and Riptides


Each person has a unique learning rhythm. The more you surf, the more you improve.

Our instructors will help through the process of improving, even on the harder ocean conditions.

To complete Level 1 Surf Course we recommend a full week of Surfing: minimum 5 days or 20 Hours.
You can have two lessons p/day, or just one. 


1 session (2h) - 30 eur

2 sessions (4h) - 55 eur

4 sessions (8h) - 110 eur

Half course: 5 sessions (10h) - 140 eur

Complete course: 9 sessions +1 FREE (20h) - 240 eur

Family Price (2 + pax): 9 sessions +1 FREE - 220 eur

LEVEL 1 SURF PRIVATE LESSON: 1 Session (2h) - 75eur p/person


* all prices include: surfboard, wetsuit, insurance, instructor and access to showers and private place inside the shop to store your stuff.

*max ratio instructor / student:: 1 x 4 / 5

* Group & Private Surf Lessons have a Minimum of 2 pax to be launched

* Surf Level 1 sessions are made on the inside part of the wave, feet on sand, with a lot of Ocean knowledge private tips.


do your own package: ask for more prices by email.

Surfers walking in the beach holding surfboards for a surf lesson of Waterlost

Any questions or doubts?

Let us help you in 12 - 24 hours.

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