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A small town in the west coast of Portugal, were 30.000 people live in a ray of 77 square kilometers.

Since ancient times Peniche has been an important fishing point in Portuguese west coast. Still today, is one of the most well know fishing harbours in Portugal.

Besides the profound root connected with fisheries, the economy of the Peniche municipality relies on agriculture, services and tourism connected with beach and surfing activities.

Peniche became the Mecca of Surfing in Europe, where the best surf spots in Portugal live in a ray of 10 kilometers.


With its peninsula configuration, it has the hability to offer several natural beauties, surrounding every visitor by ocean.

Foto de drone de peniche da praia da gamboa
imagem da onda de supertubos



The most famous beach in Portugal, Supertubos is a break that offers world-class surfing conditions with its curvy waves and hollow powerful tubes


It hosts MEO Pro Portugal from the World Surf League Men's and Women's Championship Tour event since 2009.

It has been qualified as having 'Totally Epic' quality as a wave, beeing compared to Pipeline, the most famous surf spot in Hawaiian.


It has an open swell south window to the powerful storms that rage through the North Atlantic, and is protected from the northerly winds that often plague the coast, and a unique bathymetry all come together to make Supertubos one of the best beachbreaks in the world.


The Berlengas archipelago is a group of small islands located 5.7 miles off the cost of Peniche and comprises Berlenga, Estelas and Farilhões islands.


Berlenga is the only inhabited island in Portugal.


In 2011 UNESCO classified Berlengas as “World Biosphere Reserve”, which is indicative of the rich fauna and flora that can be found on the islands.

These islands were traditionally known to British mariners as "the Burlings".

The water around the islands hosts a great variety of fish, at least 44 species are known from two study expeditions.

Fotografia do forte da Berlenga
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