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level 2 surf course

This is not a beginner lesson. 
The Level 2 Surf Course is for the ones that want to improve the skills they already have.
If you want to surf on the outside part, cut the green, turning and explore the lineup laws, this is exactly the right level for you.

We will evaluate your skills and supervise your training with the necessary instruction in order to improve your surfing.

We will coach you inside and outside water, with professional instructions that will help you to get your first green waves and recognize the exact spot to be.

You will soon note your personal progress and learn new tricks to really advance your surfing.

The meeting point will be at Waterlost base camp, and we will surf our spots in the the North Beach in Peniche.


  • Perfect Take-Offs
  • Current + rip tide knowledge
  • Hability to cross and surf the outside waves


  1. Lineup approach from behind
  2. Recognizing a surf spot triangle
  3. Cutting the green (turning right or left)
  4. Tides, winds and moons
  5. Currents
  6. Rip tides & Channels
  7. Security
  8. Reference points on the sand


Experience defines the way you surf.
To improve and get arrive to another level, you need hours of surf and different conditions.

Our instructors will help you to understand your position on a lineup, without spending much energy on your paddle with some new and exciting tips. We will focus ourselves in the Ocean Knowledge.

To complete Level 2 Surf Course we recommend a full week of Surfing: minimum 5 days or 20 Hours.

You can have two lessons p/day, or just one. 


1 session (2h) - 40 eur

2 sessions (4h) - 75 eur

Half course: 5 sessions (10h) - 180 eur

Complete course: 10 sessions (20h) - 300 eur

LEVEL 2 SURF PRIVATE LESSON1 Session (2h) - 75eur p/person

* all prices include: surfboard, wetsuit, insurance, instructor and access to showers and private place inside the shop to store your stuff.

* Group & Private Surf Lessons have a Minimum of 2 pax to be launched

* Surf Level 2 sessions are made in the Outside part of the wave, feet off sand, with a lot of Ocean knowledge private tips. Its practically a private surf course.

do your own package: ask for more prices by email.

Woman paddle to catch a wave in a surf lesson with Waterlost Surfschool in peniche, Portugal

Any questions or doubts?

Let us help you in 12 - 24 hours.

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