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Waterlost logo sons of the seas

Built in 2008, Waterlost is an Portuguese Original brand.

With time, it became one of the most iconic local surf shops in Peniche, Portugal and a must go place in Town. 

The shop deco is inspired in the old boats construction.

Our walls are made out of recycled wood, transporting everybody to the ancient boat environment.

At Waterlost flag store in Peniche, you can find an original clothing and apparel line, totally designed and inspired in the local vibration and stories that made Peniche famous by their Fishing and Surf beaches.

Waterlost is a Portuguese brand designed and made in Portugal.

Made In Portugal logo
Waterlost inside shop design

For Sailors and Surfers

The brand connects the two worlds: the fishing and the surfing.

Its connected by blood and by fate, were the Ocean surrounds us and embraces the passion into once concept: the Water.

Waterlost is an alternative clothing brand for the ones that are inspired by oceans, and grew up with all the surf brands on their skin.


Waterlost is for the ones that gew up in their complexity, and they mirror themselves in a different way. 


Waterlost is not for kids.


Highest rate of Positive feedbacks

With a high success rate of instructed surfers since 2008, Waterlost has the highest rate of positive feedbacks, that led to some award winnings by quality of service and concept.


We are humble to accept it and humble to share it.

Check the feedbacks of our work below:

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close up of a Waterlost tshirt hanged inside of a wood surfshop
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