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Renting a Bike

What an awesome way to discover Peniche: renting a Bicycle.

Exploring Peniche by foot is cool, but doing it by bike is another level.

Discover the roads, streets and secret places that the city has to offer, that only locals know.

The Peninsula of Peniche is rich in roads and off roads that you can explore within a 20 km range.


Let’s explore the best things to do in Peniche:

1. Praia dos Supertubos
2. Cabo Carvoeiro
3. Fortaleza de Peniche
4. Baleal


Price: 60 eur p/ day

Type: Mountain bike

Requirements: ID / PASSPORT / DEPOSIT needed


Discovering Peniche with a Bicycle

Biking in Peniche, Portugal, offers a blend of scenic beauty and cultural richness.

The coastal roads present stunning vistas of the Atlantic Ocean and the Berlengas archipelago.

Cyclists can explore historic landmarks like Cabo Carvoeiro and charming fishing villages. With off road trails, riders of all levels can enjoy the experience with Peniche's vibrant atmosphere and local cuisine provide delightful stops along the way.


Peniche's cycling routes promise an unforgettable adventure for enthusiasts. Whether chasing the sunset or savoring local delicacies, every moment on two wheels is enriching.


In Peniche, cycling becomes not just a means of transport, but a journey of discovery and joy.

lagido Baleal Beach with peniche city in the back
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