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How to recognize a Surf Spot?

Hi Guys! Nico here.

Lately, my clients and friends have been making the same question - how do u exactly know the exact spot you catch a wave?

It´s a lot of "exact" concepts, the opposite of nature.

One of the things we try to teach in Waterlost Surf school is the organic of movements.

Its all in our self awareness, the way we understand our body, and the way we express emotions as an answer. That is the true secret.

But there are other important things we talk about, and one of them is how to recognize a Surf spot in a surfers perspective.

Mainly the questions and doubts are always the same: Where to go? How to recognize it? What should i do?

I do recognize its not simple. But here´s a awesome and free tip: we recognize a surf triangle from above.

Or in a surfers perspective: from behind.

drone view of a surf lesson in peniche
Wave starting break in white water

A surf spot leaves a white trail, a geometric nature design, behind it once it breaks ups in white water.

drone view of a surf lesson in peniche
Surf spot defining a geometric triangle

That is exactly that you have to search. Confused? Don´t be. Half is knowledge and knowing what to search, and the other half i recognize that is magic, pure intuition.

Come and have a surf lesson in Peniche...i´m sure we can show you something new.

Bless you all,


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