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Nuno Santos aka @liquidph2oto and his art: inside water photography

This is Nuno, and u have been seeing his fantastic photos in our IG and Facebook. We met Nuno just like you did: through the web. This web is built by connections, electronic and invisible ones that we trust our lifes like we known them since ever.

Nuno is the man behind @liquidph2oto . He never shows up, because his art is showing others doing their thing.

Nuno is a special person, with a special talent, with a special finger, that shows special perspectives. Do you know why we love Nuno? Because he’s unconventional. And his photos are just different. Nuno is a Waterlost ambassador because he lives through his passion, with kindness. And he gives, without asking anything back, and this Dear Friends, that is special and rare. Welcome to the collective Waterlost team Nuno @liquidph2oto

You can book him for some Surf photoshoots and lifestyle!

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