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Renting Surfboards in Peniche

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

You go to Google and you write: " Rental Surfboard in Peniche " or " Rent a Surfboard in Peniche " .

And thats it. Renting a Surfboard in Peniche looks easy right?

Actually it can be complicated, especially if you want to transport them to the beach. Plus...where should you surf if you dont know where?

And the tides? You know how to recognize them?

Knowing what to do and where to go in Peniche, is sometimes a question that is asked everyday from our visitors.

peniche surf spots drone photo showing the middle bay north beach, the best surf spot in peniche
peniche surf spots drone photo

Waterlost shop is right in front of the North beach in Peniche, where the best surf spots are located.

You can get advises from the spots and the best times to go surfing.

Its so easy to rent a surfboard with us, with prices that start from 10 euros.

Rent your surfboard at our shop in Peniche, and get tips from locals that know the Peniche surf spots like the palm of their hands.

We have softboards and epoxy surfboards, with all sizes you might need.

And you can swap them whenever you want, free of charge.

Everything at walking distance to the beach.

How priceless is this?

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