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The 4 Best Restaurants in Peniche

Our customers often ask us for recommendations about many things that we locals have access to, or Secret Places that we often don't want to share. In fact, with the internet, access to this information is within everyone's reach. But even so, we want to make our contribution to a list of the 4 Best Restaurants in Peniche, Portugal. We just use the term Best because we like them a lot.

1- Restaurante TASCA DO JOEL

The story of the Tasca do Joel restaurant began in 1982, when it was a small house that served as a meeting place for fishermen returning from work. The house only served bread and wine, and had an oven where the fishermen cooked the fish they caught. The space was occasionally a place for parties for friends.

The latest changes have not diverted the focus from this emblematic house, installed in Peniche, as it is, a gastronomic lighthouse, since 1982. see presentation) given by the hands of Tiago Barroca, the new person in charge of the kitchen since the beginning of the year, . In this context, the visible difference is, respectively, in the presentation of the dishes, more improved, as well as in the making of the bread and desserts served by Tasca do Joel. The crockery is another outstanding detail.

Check them out here:

2 - Restaurante PROFRESCO

Founded in 1994, PROFRESCO is a family business that started out as just a fishmonger, distinguished by its quality and selection of products. Nowadays, it also has a restaurant and a factory where it prepares and conditions all kinds of fish and shellfish, fresh or frozen.

In the restaurant you can enjoy fish products, made with great care, and a superb view of Berlenga Island. The fact that it is located on the west coast of Portugal, in Peniche, in one of the most important fishing ports in the country, makes PROFRESCO take advantage of a source of raw material rich in fish and shellfish.

3 - Restaurante São Pedro Peniche

Traditional cuisine is something that time has been taking away from since the big restaurant chains arrived in our times. That culinary tradition related to the concept of "grandmother's house food" has disappeared. Well, it looks like it hasn't disappeared! The São Pedro restaurant in Peniche lives up to this mission of keeping tradition alive.

With a family management, the São Pedro Restaurant manages to keep the tradition intact with its dishes with the home food of each Portuguese family, with a touch of humility that is difficult to replicate due to its genuineness.

The restaurant's concept is simple: it's humble cuisine, exactly what the Portuguese eat at home.

Talking about the secret places locals in Peniche like, this is one of them.

Fish, Seafood and Meat dishes: you'll soon see what they have to offer on the same day.

Local and fresh in a small place - that´s the Restaurante São Pedro

4 - Marginal Restaurante - Peniche

Fusion cuisine is a concept that has been applied in several restaurants in the last decade.

Combining different techniques, cultures and culinary ingredients in order to assemble a new dish is definitely a challenge, especially for Portuguese cuisine - the famous fusion cuisine.

It is exactly this concept that André and his brother wanted to embrace with the Marginal Restaurante em Peniche project.

Combining the traditional with the most modern concept of 21st century cuisine.

Always with the tradition of fresh fish, the Marginal Restaurant will certainly delight lovers of this type of cuisine, with a bonus: the incredible view over the sea. Unmissable.

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