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Updated: Aug 14, 2021

As a inclusive sport, Surf is all about the acceptance of self and the magnetism of the Ocean.

One on the purposes of Waterlost is to spread awareness towards the Ocean problems we have nowadays. Flooded with COVID matter, we have to watch out for the fights of our lives - the environment.

Some say that we alone, don´t create a change. That might be possible.

But how do we build a Society empowered with Activists that Act, if we keep on taking power and dreams from each other?

How can we connect people with power?

"The One that believes that Anything is Possible, is the One that Achieves it."

We truly believe that us, entrepreneurs, have a word of inspiration to spread to our pares or the younger generations. A Word that it IS POSSIBLE.

It is possible to build something from Zero.

It is possible to build a brand from Zero.

It is possible to be inspired on pain and demons, and create something clean and beautiful.

It is possible to change a Mentality.

What does this have to do with the environment crisis? Nothing.

We not only face a crisis in the environment...but also a crisis of Self. Self recognition. We forgot that We Can Change. And if We change, Everything Changes too.


We have been giving back to others, with a Storytelling technique, offering others our personal experience.

In a form of inspiration, is calling to action all minds and hearts that are asleep.

We hosted conventions and we humbly accepted invitations by local universities and schools to share our own experiences on the terrain, about the brand, the company, the perspectives and the story, as we truly believe that sharing is one step to evolution.

We tried to inspire others to create a change: We Connected our Past with our Future, and with made us change inside.

We cannot have a Future if we keep on ignoring our Past.

Humans Unite.

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