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YEARS of technology and evolution in the surfing market, and we still depend on in a little piece of string that attaches us to our surfboards.

When a leash string breaks in a middle of a Surf Lesson
Broken leash or Broken string?

As humans as we are, we didnt see this one coming. We never do.

We break surf leashes. And why? The urethane composite dries up with time, with so much salt water and sun. It attends to loose elasticity and when you need it to breaks. That is normal. Its a life of a leash, poor guy.

But if the Leash is OK, we still rely our lifes and our surf joys in a little piece of rope, that we always forget to check.

NOTE TO SELF AND TO OTHERS: always certify your leash string from time to time, because you never know when the next big wave comes and takes your surfboard away. Yout life may depend on it. Or your surf session.

Happens to the best <3

photo: taken by Dorota Blotnicka during a surf lesson with us in Peniche, Portugal


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