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In 1955 the fishing boat «Graça de Deus» (Grace of God) tried to come in land.

It was risky manouver that had a heavy cost. The bad weather and huge waves, gave them no chance. Our Grand father João could not control the wave periods and a tragedy happened, as the boat turned aside and got hit by a huge wave, so it was told. They were close to land.

In that day 16 men died inside of this vessel, as the ocean claimed their lives.

There is a local saying that you should never put the name of God in fishing boats.

​A tribute in their loving memory.


A classic Waterlost metal mug, perfect for your trips, your hikes or even your morning coffee or tea.

What to say: we love the classics.


A must have.

Grace of God Fishing Boat Metal Mug

Color: BLACK
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